Nexus Building Services, Inc.

Green Cleaning

We only use the highest quality cleaning products. Through our supplier, Walter E. Nelson Company and Nexus Building Services are proud to utilize the Rochester Midland Corporation (RMC) line of “Enviro-Care” Green products.


Rochester Midland has been the Leader in Green Housekeeping for over 20 years. Our
comprehensive programs can help you clean for health, and improve your indoor air quality and the health and safety of your workers and building occupants.

Rochester Midland was the first company in the world to receive GreenSeal™ GS-37 certification for institutional cleaners in 2002 - Enviro Care Tough Job,  Washroom, Low Foam All Purpose and Glass Cleaners. These are the two of the  Enviro-care line of products Nexus Building Services employ through our wall-mounted dispensing systems.

Our portion controlled dispensing systems help improve health and safety by  preventing cross-contamination, reducing waste, and ensuring proper use dilution for all products, while reducing end use costs for cleaning products.

Rochester Midland's experience speaks for itself - offering bio based Enviro Care products for over 20 years, two time co-recipients of the White House Closing the Circle Award, and winners of Best New Bio based Technology Award.