Nexus Building Service, Inc.

Nexus Building Services, Inc. Employee Benefit Program:

  • Full Medical/Dental Insurance offered
  • Paid Vacations
  • Paid Holidays
  • Career advancement opportunities


New Employee Screening:

We take price in employee selection. Eash member is considered part of the Nexus family. We know the key to our success is to surround ourselves with people of integrity willing to work hard and please the customer.


Our screening program offers our customers with the following benefits:


  • Reduction in turnover
  • Minimized training time
  • Increased utilization of supervision time
  • Staff with a greater sense of pride in their job
  • Reduced theft because people with negative histories are screened out


Nexus Building Services, Inc. uses the following screening process in hiriing new employees:


Reference Checks:

Dispite the time consuming nature of the method, it can be the most valuable tool in determining a prospective employees performance.


Personal Interviews:

We take the time to perform a complete and thorough interview to determine if they are truly candidates for our team.


Criminal Background Checks:

We perform a complete criminal background check on every employee hired. This function essentially eliminates future problems for our customers and the Nexus team.

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