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  • Pru (Thursday, February 02 17 01:43 pm EST)

    Good morning Fred,

    It’s been a while since we spoke and I hope you are well. I would like to share with you that Bear Creek is working on obtaining LEED certification for Building A. During this process, Goby performed a janitorial audit and found that janitorial service is excellent at the building. We would like to thank you and your team for this excellent service. In addition, they recommended that we install mop racks to properly hang wet mops in the janitorial closets as wet mops and mop buckets are breeding grounds for mold and bacteria and should be cleaned and hung to dry after use. We are seeking your assistance in getting the mop racks install in the janitorial closets and asking janitorial team to utilize the racks to hang the wet mops. We would like this to be done as soon as possible so please let me know if this can be completed by February 15th?

    I look forward to hearing back from you and wishing a great day.

    Warm Regards,

  • Hitomi (Friday, November 04 16 03:25 pm EDT)

    Hi Tim, just to let you now we appreciate your crew vacuuming every day in details. It is a difficult seasons with all fallen leaves and bits on floor. I know I had some yesterday under my desk and they are all gone~ We do not say enough but YES, we do notice their hard work daily! Thank you,


  • Robin (Tuesday, July 12 16 07:07 pm EDT)

    Hi Fred & Tim,
    Please let your night crew know what an AMAZING JOB they are doing in Urban & CWP!!! I received some super positive feedback today specifically related to how clean the conference rooms look.

  • Crystal (Monday, May 09 16 01:57 pm EDT)

    Excellent job done on the Edward Jones office in the Kirkland 405 Corporate Center, on 10/25/15. The person responsible for the cleaning clearly takes a great deal of pride in their work! The items
    on the kitchen counter were perfectly and symmetrically aligned, (soaps, cutting board, pea trap, etc.,) as were the office chairs. What is this person's name, as I would like to send them a thank
    you note.

  • Melody (Monday, May 09 16 01:51 pm EDT)

    “Environmental services plays a critical role in patient safety and infection control. Our ASC works directly with the staff and owners of Nexus Building Services to ensure we meet quality standards.
    We recently had a survey by AAAHC and the surveyors recognized the efforts of our housekeeping staff in maintaining the high level standards for our facility and their work in infection

    Thanks again for helping us to prep for the survey. ~ Melody

  • Puanani (Wednesday, June 04 14 01:48 pm EDT)

    Thanks for always being so responsive! I appreciate all your efforts~


  • Chris (Wednesday, June 04 14 01:46 pm EDT)

    Hi Tim,

    I just wanted to give your team some kudos. This morning when I walked into my office I found an envelope on my desk with a note that read “Hi, my name is Ana. I found this in front of office SW26 on
    second floor. Nexus” and inside I found an employee Credit Card. I’m incredibly grateful for her honesty.

    Thank You,


  • Hitomi (Wednesday, June 04 14 01:44 pm EDT)

    Hi Tim, please tell your crews that we thank them so much for our super shiny linoleum floor (bathrooms and break room) ! We noticed the big difference.
    Your crews rock!


  • Tim (Thursday, May 08 14 07:30 pm EDT)

    Hi Fred,

    Just wanted to give an extra big thanks to your team for cleaning up our mess in the 4th floor kitchen yesterday due to the fire extinguisher. I found out today that the water cooler has been
    recalled as it can become a fire hazard… which it did!!

    You and your team always go above and beyond and I truly appreciate what you do for us!

    Thanks, Jenny

  • Walt (Tuesday, August 27 13 05:27 pm EDT)

    Seriously Dude – I want every company I deal with to be like Tim at Nexus. Thank you for your willingness to engage us in this process in a positive manner, we really appreciate it!

  • Sandy (Thursday, February 28 13 05:03 pm EST)


    Wanted to let you know that your team is doing a great job! I am getting a lot of compliments, so employees are noticing.

    Thank you!!


  • Renee (Wednesday, February 20 13 03:58 pm EST)

    You are the best!!!!! I will let the practice manager know she will be cleaned this evening. Thanks Tim :-)

  • Neena (Wednesday, February 13 13 06:42 pm EST)

    Dear Tim,

    Thank you for your emails!

    I am so glad my staff could help! Yes, you are definitely appreciated! We feel extremely blessed to have Nancy and you to care for us!!

    Hope you have a fantastic week!


  • Bernice (Thursday, February 07 13 02:35 pm EST)


    THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU!! It looks amazing. Tell your crew thank you from me. I really appreciated the last minute hard work they did down here.


  • Susan (Wednesday, January 09 13 01:43 pm EST)

    Tim –

    Thanks so much for your quick response and helpfulness. I would like to proceed with the three dispensers and soap as you suggest.

    Thanks again! You make things so easy!!

  • Susan (Friday, November 16 12 12:48 pm EST)

    Tim -

    While at the Beardslee Building today I checked out the new EnMotion dispensers in the women's restroom and they are super fantastic! Thank you very much for your help in acquiring and getting them



  • Aysu (Friday, February 10 12 03:45 pm EST)

    Hi Tim,
    Your crew did a really good job – thank you! I am sorry we had boxes we were unable to move but we are very happy with the deep cleaning.

  • Jonas (Friday, February 10 12 03:43 pm EST)

    I would just to acknowledge the honesty in the cleaning staff in the 5000 building. Over the holiday weekend I left my iPad in the restroom and it was returned to my office. I would have never
    thought this item would have been recovered. Please commend your support staff that did this.

  • Jason (Friday, February 10 12 03:41 pm EST)

    The guys did a great job on the floor. I wish I would have had it done a long time ago.

  • Ilene (Friday, February 10 12 03:40 pm EST)

    HI TIM,



  • Neal (Friday, February 10 12 03:39 pm EST)

    Good show, Tim. Keep “impressing”!

  • Katie (Friday, February 10 12 03:38 pm EST)

    Hi Fred,

    The guys just left and did a fantastic job cleaning the chairs. They were on time and got the job done quickly, which is very appreciated.

    Also, had a chance to see Yonas and want to reiterate we think he’s doing a great job.

    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.


  • Suzy (Friday, February 10 12 03:37 pm EST)

    Thank you for looking into it, it looks great! You and your company are really great to work with and we really appreciate your responsiveness. I actually just recommended you to another business
    because of your customer service and will continue to do so.

    Thank You and Have a great day,

  • Karen (Friday, February 10 12 03:35 pm EST)

    Hi Tim,

    Yes! We are very happy this morning!
    Wow, you went above and beyond the call of duty….
    including moving the ladder back and forth from BENT!

    Thank you and your team for taking such good care of us!!

    Best regards,

  • Deborah (Friday, February 10 12 03:34 pm EST)

    I guess Edith or your staff helped out last night after our office flooded. They did a great job. Thank you very much.


  • Teri (Friday, February 10 12 03:32 pm EST)

    I checked in with them this morning and they are very pleased – thanks so much for your response to this issue – they are very happy!


  • Cathy (Friday, February 10 12 03:32 pm EST)


    Please give your crew a well-deserved thanks from us for all that they do. They are very much appreciated.


  • Kim (Friday, February 10 12 03:23 pm EST)

    Our thanks to you and Fred. You're a great team and we appreciate all you do for us.


  • Kurt (Friday, February 10 12 03:18 pm EST)

    Fred –

    The crew was a real life saver last night. Thank you for responding so quickly, it would have been a bigger disaster without the support.


  • Lisa (Friday, February 10 12 03:13 pm EST)

    Great! BTW things are looking really good here today. The carpets look great!